There Are Many Kinds Of Welding

Welding is the easiest way to connect pieces of metal together. Generally, when pieces of metal are connected by welding, a full seam is created between the pieces of metal. In some cases, those welds can even be completely water-tight, depending on the process used and the requirements of the job. There are several different kinds of welding processes. 

Flux-Cored Arc Welding

This kind of welding uses an electrode that is continuously fed with a wire that has a flux core. The flux is a material that is used to protect the weld as it is created from the gasses in the atmosphere. Once the weld has been created, the flux isn't necessary. The electrode creates an arc of electricity that goes from it to the piece of metal. That electric arc is what does the actual work of melting the flux-filled wire and making sure that the metal is connected. This kind of welding is generally used on various types of steel, including carbon steel, low-alloy steel, and stainless steel. 

Some of the benefits of this kind of welding are that it is more efficient, leading to less waste; it also causes fewer welding fumes. 

Laser Welding

Laser welding takes advantage of the power of coherent light. A very concentrated, narrow laser beam is used in order to create the weld. Laser welding is used primarily in the auto industry. It can be used on pretty much all metals. During the laser welding process, filler metals can be used, but they aren't necessary during most applications. However, most applications do use some kind of shielding gas in order to protect the molten pool that is created while the laser is welding the pieces of metals together. 

There are several pluses and minuses to using laser welding. On the positive side, it allows for really complicated welds to be created. If there are several pieces of metal being joined or they have to be at odd angles, laser welding may be the best choice. Laser welding also creates very little thermal warping of the surrounding material. One of the negatives is the fact that the welding rigs are more expensive than other welding rigs may be. 

Without welding, metal can't be joined together, and things like skyscrapers or warships won't be able to be created. There are several different kinds of welding that people can choose from, depending on the metal and the application. To learn more, contact machine shops by Risley Machining Ltd or a similar company.