Choosing The Right Turntable Plastic Stretch Wrapping Machine

If you have decided to purchase a turntable stretch wrapper for wrapping plastic around your warehouse's pallets, then it is important that you select the one that best meets the needs of your business.

Here is some information to help you choose the right turntable wrapper:

Manual vs. Semi-Automatic vs. Automatic Stretch Wrappers

There are three basic types of turntable stretch wrap machines that you can use to wrap your pallets with plastic, including:

  1. manual wrappers
  2. semi-automatic wrappers
  3. automatic wrappers

Manual stretch wrappers are the lowest priced, and are designed for use in warehouses that only need to periodically wrap a pallet. Higher production environments require the use of higher-end semi-automatic or automatic models. Automatic stretch wrappers are capable of both applying pre-stretched plastic on pallets and automatically cutting the plastic at the end of the machine's wrapping cycle. Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines are cheaper than automatic models because they do not cut off the plastic and require that the operator performs this task themselves.

Low-Profile vs. High-Profile Stretch Wrappers

In addition to your automation choice, you also need to consider if you need a low-profile or high-profile turntable on your new plastic stretch wrapper. While you can load both styles with forklifts, a low-profile turntable style is easier to use with a manual pallet jack because it is closer to the ground.

Food Pedal vs. Finger Button Operated

The third consideration for your warehouse's new plastic stretch wrapping machine is whether it will be finger button operated or operated using a foot pedal. A foot pedal is generally offered with manual and semi-automatic models. The foot pedal allows your warehouse clerks the ability to use both of their hands for the wrapping process while controlling the spinning speed of the turntable with a foot pedal that is similar to those used with sewing machines. Automatic turntable stretch wrapping machines are all button operated. All your warehouse clerk will need to do is push a button and the turntable will spin, the plastic will be wrapped around the pallet, and then the cutting blade will automatically cut the end of the plastic off so that the pallet can be removed.


Now that you have the necessary information to choose the right plastic stretch wrapping machine to successfully wrap your company's pallets, you can work with your industrial equipment supplier to select just the right model to meet your needs and buy turntable wrapping equipment.