A Brief Outline On How An Oil Rig Is Built

The demand for oil to run factories and make petroleum-based products has remained high for over a hundred years and it will remain strong for the foreseeable future. Oil companies are constantly digging new wells in hopes of tapping into underground reserves to meet those demands. The process for creating a new oil well often involves building a well-digging machine, called an oil rig, out in a remote location where workers will operate the oil rig. Here is a brief outline on how workers go about building an oil rig structure to drill a well to find oil underneath the ground.

Prepare Ground

The ground around the hole has to be leveled so the base of the rig can sit on even ground. This process is done using bulldozers that can clear tree stumps, rocks, and knolls around the site. Once the ground is completely flat, workers will then begin to build the base of the oil rig.

Oil Rig Base

The base of the oil rig typically consists of vibrating mud screen, mud pit, mud pump, drill engine, and the substructure the oil rig tower will be built on. The mud mixture is just typically made of clay and water mixed together and is used to lubricate the drill bit as it works its way through hard rock. The mud also grabs the bits of broken rock and pulls them out of the hole when the mud is pumped back out of the hole. This is done so the pieces don't clog up the hole as the drilling continues.

Rotary Table

A rotary table is built into the top of the substructure. The rotary table is used to spin the drill string which has the diamond-tipped drill bit on the end of it to break through the hard rock. The spinning moves the teeth on the drill bit that breaks up the hard rock.

Building the Superstructure

The superstructure will hold the drill string that is used to drill into the earth. The drill string is a series of metal pipes connected together that go down into the hole through the rotary table to drill the well out. The superstructure is shaped like a small-Eiffel tower. At the top of the tower a derrick and platform is installed. The derrick hold the pipes in an upright position while the platform allows the workers to gain access to the top of the pipes.  As one length of the pipe works its way down through the hole, workers will attach another length of pipe to the top of the drill string while standing on the platform.

The workers will start the process of digging a well for oil once the rig is completed. For more information, contact a company like G Hart & Sons Well Drilling Ltd well drilling.