Three Things To Discuss With Your Hoarding Cleanup Crew

When you hire an extreme house cleaning and hoarding cleanup crew, there are few things you'll need to discuss with the cleanup crew before you get started. This will help to ensure that no items are misplaced or accidentally disposed of during the cleanup process. Here are a few things to talk to the cleaning technicians before the process begins.

Alert The Crew To Potential Hidden Valuables

In some cases, people tend to hide money and valuables in random places around the home. If you think you may have items stashed in places that people might not normally look for valuables, it is important to tell the cleanup team so they can take extra care to recover these items. You may want to have a few friends or family members with you on the day of the cleanup to help look for these items so you can avoid throwing away a treasured piece of jewelry or a small stash of money.

Inform The Team About Hidden Dangers In Your Home

If the home hasn't received regular maintenance or has been subject to neglect over the years, there may be some dangerous conditions your cleaning crew should know about. In order to take the proper precautions for cleaning your home, alert the cleaning crew to any of the following:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Broken plumbing/backed up sinks and toilets
  • Holes or leaks in the roof
  • Potential weak spots or holes in the flooring
  • Animal waste

Alerting the cleaning crew to these types of issues can help them to choose the proper protective gear needed to clean your home safely and efficiently.

Discuss Your Cleanup Goals

Your cleanup crew will be able to help you better once they know what your ultimate goal is. Do you want to simply remove the clutter or are you trying to organize your space to make room for your children or another family member? Do you want to clean up and declutter so you can sell your home? Talking about your goals and objectives can help to shape the way the crew approaches your cleaning project and how they help you to organize your remaining belongings.

Be sure to schedule a consultation with your cleanup team so you can discuss these issues and any other concerns you might have. If you need counseling or the help of a professional organizer like Avenue Road Cleaning Inc, your extreme house cleaning and hoarding cleanup team may be able to help match you with the appropriate support team. Remember that cleaning up your home is an important step on the road to recovering from a hoarding problem.