2 Features For An Irrigation System

An automatic sprinkler and irrigation system is a luxury that many people have these days. It keeps your lawn green and healthy in the hottest summer months by making sure that it is automatically getting the water it needs. This is great but it comes with a few issues. What happens if there is a lot of rain during the summer? It can be a pain to continue to manually change the settings so that it waters less. What about winterizing your sprinkler system? This can also present a challenge to many people who do not want to hire someone every year. Below are some great features that can be added on to many irrigation systems.

  1. Rain Sensor. One great way to make your irrigation system even more automated is to include a rain sensor. A rain sensor can be used to determine the amount of rainfall that has reached the lawn. If there is enough moisture in the ground, it will automatically skip the irrigation cycle. This is a great benefit for a number of reasons:
    • Save Money. When you do not have to unnecessarily use water, you will save a lot of money each year.
    • Save Time. You will not have to spend a lot of time manually tinkering with the sprinkler system controls to adjust for the rainfall. You can let the sensor do the work for you.
    • Longer Life for Irrigation System. Your irrigation system will work a lot less because it will not turn on when it does not have to. This will preserve many of the parts that would have worn out.
    • Healthier Lawn. If there were heavy rainstorms and you were to continue watering your lawn, you might overwater it and do severe damage. A rain sensor will prevent overwatering.
  2. Freeze Drain. A freeze drain can also be added to an irrigation system. A freeze drain is a drain that will automatically open at the end of an irrigation cycle and remove a lot of the water in the pipes. This helps to protect the system from freezing the pipes because there will not be enough water to expand and break the water pipes. This makes winterizing a lot easier because you can be assured that there is not enough water to damage the system.

These are just a couple of the features that you can get with your irrigation system from a company like Raintree Irrigation & Outdoor Systems that would make it a lot better.