4 Safety Tips To Follow When Working In A Machine Shop

Machine shops are responsible for creating vehicle parts, mechanical supplies, and different types of equipment. It is an important part of manufacturing for various industries, but it can also be a dangerous job. If you work in a machine shop, it is vital that you pay close attention to your safety and follow all proper regulations. Here are some tips for maintaining your safety while working in a machine shop.

Use the Buddy System

In many machine shops, supervisors require workers to buddy up and work together. Even if you are using a small power tool, it is safest when you can work with another person. They can keep an eye on your work and make sure you are not putting yourself at risk, not to mention taking some of the load so you aren't overdoing it and risking further injury. Having a buddy also gets you immediate care if there is an accident, which can reduce your injuries.

Get Training Beforehand

If your supervisor asks you to work on a machine you are not trained for, stop and let them know you haven't used it before. It is very possible they weren't aware you don't have experience with it, and would not want you using it without the proper training. Every tool and piece of machinery works in a different way and needs the proper training. Not only are you trained on using it the right way, but you get important safety tips.

Only Work While Alert

Accidents in the workplace often occur due to being overly tired or stressed, both of which can also cause a major injury while working in a machine shop. Make sure you are alert when you begin working, whether that means having a cup of coffee before you begin, or going to bed earlier so you can get more sleep at night. Do not take medications that make you drowsy or fatigued. If you need these medications, let your boss know so they can give you tasks that won't put you at risk while you are taking them.

Wear Protective Gear

You also need to wear the right gear when working with different types of machinery. If there is a risk of sparks or debris, be sure you are wearing goggles or safety glasses. Always wear closed-shoe toes that have good traction so you don't slip while working in the machine shop. Many shops require long-sleeved shirts and pants only, not allowing your arms or legs to be exposed. Keep your hair tied back and away from your face, and do not wear any loose jewelry or accessories.

In addition to these tips, follow your company's safety protocol. There will be guidelines you must follow according to the machine shop and the type of work you do. Always be cautious and never rush through your work, as that can lead to accidents. Talk to places like AC Machine Works Ltd for more tips.