2 Reasons To Consider Oilfield Equipment Rental

Renting oilfield equipment is a great option, mostly because of the many ways in which it can help you and your business. An oilfield equipment rental service will be able to provide you with everything from generators to drilling and transportation equipment. Two reasons to consider renting your oilfield equipment are for exploratory drilling and productivity.

Exploratory Drilling

One of the best reasons to consider renting all of the equipment that you will need is if you are unsure if you will actually have a permanent presence in the area. An example of this would be when you are doing exploratory drilling and are unsure if you will actually strike oil. In that situation, it does not make very much sense to spends a lot of money on permanent housing for your crew, vehicles, and all of the other necessary equipment if there is a chance that you will not find oil.

If you do not find oil, then you can simply return all of the rented equipment and only lose a fraction of the money that you would have lost had you purchased all of the necessary equipment. In addition, an oilfield equipment rental service will be able to provide you with whatever you need in order to attempt to find oil. This will include temporary trailers or other accommodations for your employees, as well as generators and transformers in order to power all of the equipment.


An equipment rental service is also a great option if you need equipment quickly in order to prevent productivity from suffering. For example, if you have a piece of equipment that has failed and there are no replacements immediately available to purchase, then you can use a rental service to get that piece of equipment until you can find one to purchase.

Another way that an equipment rental service can help you remain productive is if the equipment you need for your current oilfield is currently being used on a different project. In that situation, you can use rented equipment to get to work immediately, then return all of the rented items once your other equipment has become available. 

Speak to an oilfield equipment rental service to learn more and discuss the many different ways in which they can help you. Renting oilfield equipment can help your employees remain productive, while also allowing you to save quite a bit of money versus purchasing the necessary equipment.