Bathroom Modifications For A Disabled Loved One

Do you need to make modifications to your home to accommodate a disabled family member? If so, the bathroom is an area you need to be sure not to overlook. One of the main things to keep in mind when there are mobility issues is ensuring the safety of the affected person. It is also important to encourage activities such as bathing with little or no assistance when possible. This can promote a sense of independence. 


If your loved one uses a wheelchair, make amendments to the sink in the bathroom they will primarily use. The height of the sink is important because you want them to be able to reach it without difficulty.

You also need to take into consideration whether or not they have strong grip strength in their hands. You may need to consider getting assistive devices, or installing knobs on the sink that are easy to turn on to promote independence.

Some elderly people and individuals who have had spinal injuries have a diminished sense of hot and cold. Keep this in mind when setting the hot water temperature for the sink to prevent accidental burning.


You can make your current bathtub more accessible to your disabled loved one by installing grip bars, a seat, non-slip protection, a shower wand and an emergency call cord. You may also choose to replace the current bathtub and choose a manufactured handicap bathtub. 

Handicap accessible tubs make it easy to transition from a wheelchair into the bathtubs. A door seals behind the person bathing once they are in the shower and seated. The doors are leak proof, and the tubs can be filled with water for comfort, or the individuals bathing can sit comfortably and take showers. 


Opting for a clear frameless shower door will enable you to be able to see through the door if needed. Keep in mind if you choose frosted or etched versions visibility may be limited. As a caretaker, choose the glass option carefully, and ensure you choose a shatter-resistant option. 

Ensure that the bottom of the shower has non-slip protection installed. It is also a good idea to get a seat and grip bars installed even if your loved one can stand for short periods of time.

A shower wand is a better option than a standalone showerhead because it will allow your loved one to control the direction of the water regardless if they are seated or standing. If you have to assist with bathing, it will also be easier to navigate, and reduce the chances of water spraying water into either of your faces. 

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