3 Tips For Finding A Luxury Vanity That Is Right For Your Small Bathroom

Most home owners know that remodeling projects can add value to their homes, especially when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom. If you are thinking of customizing your bathroom in the future, adding a luxury vanity could be beneficial.

Here are 3 tips you can use to identify the right luxury vanity for your small bathroom space.

1. Pay Attention To Storage Capacity

Storage room can be hard to come by in a small bathroom, so your vanity should help to address this problem. Luxury bathroom vanities often feature customizable shelves and drawers that allow you to take advantage of every inch of storage space.

By investing in a vanity that comes equipped with roll-out drawers and shelves, you can easily access items stored in the rear of your drawers. This feature allows you to utilize the entire drawer without compromising accessibility, which helps to maximize the storage space available in your small bathroom.

2. Opt For Built-In Lighting

Luxury bathroom vanities offer the opportunity to introduce additional lighting sources into your bathroom. Strategic lighting can make even the smallest room feel larger than it is, and you can upgrade your luxury vanity to serve as the vehicle for introducing new light sources.

Toe-kick lighting is installed near the base of your vanity. This lighting illuminates your flooring which tricks the eye into feeling that there is more space that there actually is. As an added bonus, toe-kick lighting can double as a night light to help illuminate your trips to the bathroom during the darkest hours of the night.

3. Go For The Vanity With The Large Mirror

Your bathroom mirror can play a significant role in helping to make a small room feel larger. Luxury bathroom vanities typically feature over-sized mirrors. When combined with a light color palette and strategically placed lighting, these mirrors can reflect both images and light to trick the eye into perceiving more space that you really have available in your small bathroom.

Don't be afraid to go bold when it comes to selecting a vanity mirror, larger mirrors can serve as a beneficial design element in even the smallest bathroom.

Spending money on a bathroom remodel can be difficult, and conquering the challenges small bathrooms present can seem impossible at times. Fortunately, investing in a luxury bathroom vanity can not only add elegance to your bathroom remodel project, but help you create the spacious feel your small bathroom is lacking.