6 Unique Ways To Use A Storage Locker

A storage unit is merely a lockable bit of space that you can rent. As long as you remain within the terms and conditions of the self storage facility, you're not limited to packing boxes containing old dishware sets. Here are some unique ways in which people have used their storage lockers.

Wine Storage

Why build an expensive wine storage room in your house when you can rent a storage unit for the same purpose? Rent a temperature controlled unit, install some mobile wine racks and you're in business. Use wine racks that will roll so you can push them together to create room for more bottles.


You've been waiting for years to build your own library with custom bookcases in your home. While you're waiting, your favorite books are languishing in boxes in the basement. Rent a storage locker and put up some bookcases from your local home improvement store. You will also want a temperature controlled unit so humidity doesn't damage any of your books. Put a chair and battery operated lamp in the unit and you have a quiet little getaway to relax with your collection.

Band Practice

If you have a small band that doesn't rely on electronic instruments, find a storage locker of your liking and you have a ready made practice area. Keep your instruments in the storage unit when you don't need them to save on the wear and tear of moving them back and forth.

Art Studio

Create yourself an artists' workshop in a storage unit. Put up shelving to have storage space for supplies, and tables and chairs on which to work. Bring battery-operated lamps for enough light to work and you'll have a place to go to focus on your artwork away from the distractions of home.

Sports Gear Storage

For the Little League coach, a storage locker may be a good option for storing the team equipment when not in use. Spare uniforms, balls, bats and bases can take up storage locker space and not clutter up the coach's garage.

Charity Supplies Storage

Some charitable organizations take donations of clothing, appliances and furniture to help those who have the need for those items. A storage locker is a good place to store these items before being distributed to the people the charity supports. This frees up space in the organization's facility for other purposes such as administration offices and communal space.

There are a variety of ways to use a storage unit. It can be a simple solution when you need a little more space for a staging area or as a place to work. For more information, talk to a company like Little Coach Mini StorageArticles that take a new angle or offer unique information are inherently more useful and interesting. You may want to try some of the resources suggested in the <a href="http://blog.writersdomain.net/2014/02/26/ideation-part-3-answer-the-questions-readers-care-about/">third ideation training</a> on the WritersDomain blog to help guide you in more unique directions..